When you think of coffee, you think of delicious drinks skillfully served, good conversations, meeting friends, good times, and fun experiences.

When you think of cocktails, you think of delicious drinks skillfully served, good conversations, meeting with friends, good times, and fun experiences.

So, coffee and cocktails sound like the perfect pairing, but you don’t go to a bar to have good coffee and you don’t go to a coffee shop to have good cocktails.

Why not?

The Barista & The Bartender explore two seemingly parallel worlds which don’t often overlap. The lands of coffee and spirits have similarities when it comes to creating, tasting and appreciating the finished products, but seldom do the two come together to co-create experiences. We’re changing that.

We are two Calgary business owners – one a barista and one a bartender. Separately, we wow our clients with creative, quality drinks. Elle Nguyen is the brains behind Latte Art Love, a custom mobile latte art pop up shop.

Elle, The Barista & Founder of Latte Art Love

Wendy Peters is the instigator of Spirit of the Wench, an initiative dedicated to cultivating a love and appreciation of spirits and drinks through workshops and events.

Wendy Peters, The Bartender & Instigator of Spirit of the Wench

We play in our home in ARCHEloft, the most creative space we’ve ever found in downtown Calgary. Along with more than a dozen other makers, we set to work daily concocting libations, new and old, tinkering and testing until we’ve got a product that is just so good we can’t help but want to share it.

When you put this many creative brains in the same room, it’s inevitable that we’ll start coming up with ideas for collaboration. Some of them are brilliant; some of them we just think are brilliant. After a few test drinks and small focus groups, we’re pretty sure meshing coffee and cocktails is at the very least a spark of brilliance.

So, we’ve created an overlap between our two companies – one which we are calling The Barista & The Bartender, a new space for us to create and explore new ways to delight the curious libationist.


We are not a traditional bricks & mortar cafe or bar nor are we a food truck. We are mobile. We are unconventional. We are all about creating a meet space where people can share in an adventure with us, and we want to bring that meet space to you.

To do this, we need you – all of you!

We need a community of testers, appreciators and storytellers. We’re looking for people who love to explore, whether that’s out in the world or in their own home. You are a curious taste maker and an adventurer, forging paths and connections between people, places, and things. You will help us test new products and forge the pathways between coffee, cocktails, and community. You will help us write our story and develop the best experiments, tips and recipes.

When it’s time to release our collection of stories and recipes to the world, you’ll be able to say you had a hand in creating them. With our mobile setup, we will be able to bring coffee and cocktails to you and begin our adventure. We cannot wait to weave a great tale of love, battles, and victories.

Be part of our story!